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DR 1937 - Promotion of Culture
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DR 1937 - Promotion of CultureDR 1937 - Promotion of CultureDR 1937 - Promotion of Culture


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This miniature sheet issued on June 10, 1937, was identical to the miniature sheet 7 (issued on 5.4.1937) with the addition of a surcharge in favor of cultural purposes. The sheet contains four perforated stamps with the portrait of Adolph Hitler and it is rouletted along the top and bottom of each of the stamps, extending to the edge of the sheet. The rouletted sections are inscribed "25 Rpf. einschließlich Kulturspende" which means “25 Pfg. Including culture donation". In the lower margin it bears the inscription "WER EIN VOLK RETTEN WILL KANN NUR HEROISCH DENKEN", which means "HE WHO WANTS TO SAVE HIS PEOPLE MUST THINK HEROICALLY".  



bullet-1 Page Dimensions: 270mm X 297mm

bullet-1 Compatible with: All Lighthouse 13-Rings Binders

bullet-1 Paper type: Heavy Acid-Free Cardboard 240gr/sq.m

bullet-1 Paper Color: Cream

bullet-1 Printing Method: Professional Offset                                      

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bullet-1 STAMPS ARE NOT INCLUDED!                                




This is a philatelic and historical item, and is not intended to glorify any particular political ideology or regime. We do not endorse in any way the ideology and messages represented by these items. We urge you to regard all items from philatelic interest and as historical artifacts only. However, if you find yourself offended by certain symbols, you are kindly requested to hit your back button.





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